How to Create a Classified Ad Web Portal That Gets Results

A classified website can provide a lucrative stream of income to those who can set it up correctly and market it effectively. Not so long ago, these two steps took a great deal of time and a considerable amount of computer programming and coding knowledge as well as marketing skills.However, a great deal of the work has been accomplished by companies that specializes in creating various classified scripts to meet the needs of multiple classified ads subjects. Tools are also now often included in classified ads scripts that help with marketing so that minimal work and investment is involved in providing maximum results and returns. The following instructions reveal how to create a successful classified web portal that gets results.Choose Your Product and Target Area NicheThe first step in creating a successful classified ad web portal is to select the product niche on which you want to focus. You can choose numerous SEO friendly PHP classified scripts, including iLister (pets, guns, travel caravans, etc), iRealty, iAuto, iMachinery, etc. For this article, the iAuto Classified Script will be used as an example.

A target area or areas should then be selected for the classified ad website as a majority of items normally listed on such sites either cannot be shipped abroad or it is extremely difficult to do so. Pet supplies may be easily shipped to distant buyers, but pets, guns and automobiles sell best in local markets. Keep in mind, however, that a wide selection of localized areas can be created and provided through Classified Scripts to internet searchers. A good example can be found at which uses iAuto Classifieds Script as its foundational and managing source.Attract Target CustomersOnce you have your iAuto Classifieds Portal set up and running, you will want to attract customers. This is accomplished by researching your selected local markets to find out how area customers shop, what products they tend to buy, etc. In the iAuto Classified Ads example, people in Colorado may more often seek gold-colored 4×4 SUVs while Los Angeles auto shoppers may lean towards more exotic sports cars that are preferably red in color.This knowledge of local shopping needs and desires will help to attract customers by targeting highly sought after items. Offers can be created highlighting these items using creative and competitive marketing techniques to draw specific local shoppers to the website.Build Business RelationshipsAdvertisement of Classified Scripts sites can be further expanded by building relationships with key businesses that have the same niche of interest. In the iAuto example, local businesses such as auto parts and accessories stores, auto insurance suppliers and car washing facilities can be approached and offered free advertising space on the website. Not only will such businesses be attracted to your customer base, but their ads will also generate site activity from their customer base.

Promote, Adjust, Promote!After the above steps are accomplished, the remaining work lies in promoting and tweaking your website. You should use both online and offline advertising outlets in order to lure the greatest number of visitors to your Classified Ads site. Then, make adjustments by eliminating what does not work and more effectively utilizing those methods that produce results.There are numerous online promotional sources which you can use. Some popular and effective choices are local forums, Craigslist, personal blog or guest blot contributor to related niche websites, local online newspapers and similar sources and various social media outlets (Foursquare, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc).You should also utilize offline advertising whenever applicable. Post or handout flyers and business cards, take out ads in local newspapers, purchase sponsorship for local teams, events or activities, leave pamphlets at stores and businesses with QR Codes for discounts, coupons, or offers on your website, etc.

Ezine Advertising Tips- – 5 Insider Secrets Revealed

Are you getting all the traffic you can handle? Has your server crashed from the massive amounts of web traffic you got coming in? Do you receive constant bandwidth exceeded messages? Do you have a shortage of customer service representatives to process your incoming orders?Chances are you are not. Otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for ezine advertising tips in the first place. However, I need to post a word of warning before I start here. These ezine advertising tips in this article can cause the catastrophes above without proper planning. So with that being said let’s get started.

Ezine advertising tip #1One of the ways I have found to get instant traffic to my web site is by offering something free in my advertisement. Make sure the offer is relevant to the product or service you are promoting. A video course seems to work the best, although I have used e-books in the past and had a good click through rate.Ezine advertising tip #2A common mistake most marketers make is trying to describe their product in the ezine advertisement. Your customer has only one thing in mind when they see your ad, and that is ‘What’s in it for me?’. Keep this in mind when you write your ad, because benefits sell!Ezine advertising tip #3Keep your advertisement short. Don’t feel compelled to use all the words you are allotted, because a short ad is more likely to be read than a long one. Keep your sentences short as well. They will have more impact on the reader.Ezine advertising tip #4Keep your audience targeted. This may seem obvious but many marketers over look this crucial step. If you are promoting a web – marketing course, do not advertise in an ezine that deals with weight loss. Most likely the readers will not be interested.

Ezine advertising tip #5There is one thing that most newbies overlook and that is cost. Whom you advertise with and how you advertise greatly affect you ROI (return on investment). Most entrepreneurs compliment paid advertisements with free alternatives to off-set this cost. The ultimate question is which ones to use. If you use these ezine advertising tips properly you will receive more traffic than you can handle.

Employment Screening – Getting It Done Right

Employment screening means, essentially, checking out a job candidate’s background. Is the person who he or she claims to be, with the qualifications stated in the resume or job application? Does the candidate have any criminal convictions or other disqualifying qualities or issues?It’s easy to get employment screening done nowadays – a few mouse clicks will get you an online report on just about anybody via one of the hundreds of Web-based employment screening companies out there. But, frankly, many of the screening services being offered online are cursory and, well, unreliable at best. Are you sure you’re really getting a valid, reliable screening report? Will it stand up to scrutiny if a legal issue (e.g., God forbid, a lawsuit) ever happens to your company? To judge this, you need to know a little about employment-related background checking, which is what this brief article is about.First, you should be aware that pre-employment screening in the U.S. is closely regulated by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and various state employment laws. The law does of course permit employers to conduct background checks on potential employees, but employers are required to disclose in writing to the job applicant that they intend to do so, and if an “adverse action” is taken due to information found in the background check (i.e., the person is not hired), then the employer has to inform the applicant of this and disclose the specific unfavorable information uncovered.Oftentimes, such unfavorable information consists of a criminal records finding. A thorough pre-employment check should always include a comprehensive criminal records search. If your job candidate has been convicted of fraud or other serious crimes in the past, this is obviously relevant to your employment decision (although the law requires you to consider each case of a criminal record finding on an individual basis in terms of its seriousness and job relevancy.)It’s also important to be aware that many “third-party” pre-employment screening services (especially Web-based companies) do a less-than-adequate job of searching criminal records. They simply don’t cast a wide enough net in their searches. Most conduct criminal records searches only in the state-of-residence or even just the county-of-residence of the job applicant. So your applicant may have a fraud conviction, or even a lengthy rap sheet, in another state, but come up clean on the pre-employment check.

Many people with criminal records are quite aware of this shortcoming, and simply move out-of-state when job hunting.That’s why your screening company should run a national database criminal records search as part of the screening process. Unfortunately, the best national criminal records databases currently available to the public are incomplete. They omit data from numerous counties across the country and sometimes contain out-of-date data. So it’s important to supplement the national database criminal records search with onsite searches at county courthouses in your job applicant’s counties-of-residence. All reputable pre-employment screening agencies have this capability.Accepting your screening agency’s “standard” pre-employment screening report, if it checks for criminal records only in your applicant’s state-of-residence, is clearly inadequate. Your otherwise-impressive applicant may have a history of serious fraud convictions or other crimes in another state.But even the criminal records searches described above are not enough. To be really thorough, your screening agency must also check:– Aliases. Has your job candidate been convicted of a crime under another name?
— Warrants. Is your candidate wanted somewhere in the U.S.? Although you can’t legally deny an applicant a job for this reason, you can suggest that he/she reapply once the criminal warrant is cleared up. The same is true if the applicant is out on bail pending prosecution. You can ask the candidate to reapply after appearing in court and clearing the matter. (Note that you can’t legally inquire whether your candidate is in a drug rehabilitation program, however, as this may fall under the Americans With Disabilities Act, and compromise your position should litigation ever occur.)
— Federal convictions, such an income tax evasion, mail fraud, drug trafficking, and immigration law offenses.
— International “wanted” lists, such as Interpol’s.
— And yes, even terrorist watch lists. Why not? — it’s easy to do.Unfortunately, very few pre-employment screening companies are this thorough. To most, pre-employment screening is a “volume” business and each applicant you submit gets a quick and cursory (not to say “quick and dirty”) once-over. However, if you specifically request the above additional searches, most will comply.After An Employment Offer Has Been MadePast workers’ comp claims are the most obvious type of public record to research at this stage. You can’t legally check to determine if your job applicant has a history of making workers’ compensation claims prior to making an offer of employment. Workers’ compensation history searches must always be conducted post-offer. However, this type of information can obviously be a valuable tool in your fraud-fighting arsenal. Not only can it identify habitual claim filers, it can also help your company avoid placing new employees in positions that may pose risk of re-injury.Note, however, that employers may not rescind an offer due to finding claims and must make a reasonable effort to accommodate a previously-injured worker. Even so, a workers’ comp history search can be useful at the time a new employee is brought aboard in verifying his/her employment record supplied on the job application. If an applicant has failed to list a previous employer against which he/she filed a claim, this says something about the employee’s integrity and likelihood to file future claims.Currently, workers compensation history data is available in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wyoming. California requires prior written approval by the California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Workers Compensation Electronic Data Exchange (EDEX). Your pre-employment screening agency should be able to provide the needed forms.Workers compensation searches are not available in: Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

So criminal records (if thoroughly researched) and workers’ compensation histories can be extremely helpful — what other types of public information might be useful in the investigation of a suspicious claim? There are innumerable categories of records and searches that could be mentioned. Here are a few to consider:– Civil Suits. You can research civil suits online through most counties’ websites. A good listing of county websites and phone numbers is available on Background Check Gateway.
— Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites. Did your candidate post pictures of himself/herself surfboarding off Malibu while collecting disability? Interesting.
— Newsgroups. Did you know that at Google Groups you can search someone’s postings to newsgroups (of which there are thousands and thousands nowadays) going back years? Yet many people have no idea their postings are public information which can easily be tracked by their name or email address. What’s your candidate talking about these days in the NASCAR Enthusiast newsgroup?
— Blogs. Same principle. If your candidate, like millions of us, keeps a chatty public diary online (i.e., blog), you can listen in via
— Career sites. Is your candidate applying for other jobs by posting a resume on or other career sites? It might be revealing to find out what qualifications he/she is claiming in those applications.– Real Estate. Has your candidate recently taken out a mortgage on a new house or condo? This can be an indicator of financial stability, an important qualification for many types of positions. You can research this at, among many other sites.Accessing public records used to be an incredibly difficult chore. Your main tool in the “old days” was shoe leather as you plodded from courthouse to courthouse digging out dusty records. Now, with the Internet, it’s easy. You can access public records on your job applicant or employee which are scattered nationwide in minutes. Give it a try and you’ll soon wonder why you never made full use of public records as an employment-screening tool before!

2 Reasons Why Facebook Commerce Is Poised To Grow

These past 3 years, both mobile commerce as well as Facebook commerce have begun to draw a lot attention from the ecommerce community. There are a lot of research findings and stats available all over the internet. But though the figures are generally the same, the opinions as to what they might mean differs among ecommerce experts. Some caution about being too optimistic while others say that mobile commerce and social commerce, especially Facebook commerce, is a natural ecommerce progression.Mobile Commerce GrowthMobile commerce was supposed to take off in a big way in 2009 but it didn’t. The 2008 economic downturn might have something to do with that. However, mobile commerce is still growing and it is expected that 12% of all ecommerce transactions will go through a mobile device by 2014.

Just a few years ago, there were just a few smartphone models around and you could count the number to tablet models on one hand. Today, along with the iPhone, there are a countless number of Android, Blackberry, Windows, Bada and Symbian based smartphones in the market. In the tablet world, there are now about 85 tablet models to choose from.The growth in the mobile device industry has resulted in the growth in mobile commerce. Many users started off using mobile devices to research items before purchasing them later via their laptops and desktops. This was because they were unsure of mobile commerce security, there were not many mobile version of sites available and smartphone screens were too tiny to make it comfortable to navigate an online site comfortably.However with smartphone screens increasing in size, mobile security becoming more evident and more sites offering mobile friendly versions, the mobile commerce train in does not look like its due to make any stops soon.Convenience Of FacebookNo long ago, ecommerce experts were saying that selling on Facebook would fail because people go on Facebook to socialize and not to shop. Stats now show that 25% of Facebook users would shop on Facebook. Facebook has now become one big online mall where you can catch up with friends, enjoy a video or 10 and shop at your favorite store because it has become so convenient to do so. Convenience has always been the backbone of ecommerce and it is really evident on Facebook commerce or f-commerce.

With Facebook adding millions to its user base every and 25% of whom could be potential shoppers, Facebook commerce is bound to grow.With this realization, the big names in ecommerce solutions have created social store apps for their merchants in order take advantage of this potential revenue earner.Granted, it is still early days for Facebook commerce but growth has been steady. Though shopping on Facebook will not overtake conventional online shopping anytime soon, it still has to be taken seriously as a decent avenue for sales.

Swap Second Hand Clothing and Accessories and Revitalize Your Wardrobe

Typically, women would love to have more accessories, clothes, and makeup items in their wardrobes, but it is always going to be an expensive affair. Frequent shopping for clothes will definitely drain one’s pocket. Besides, there is always the concern of storing things in a cramped space.Designer clothing is not affordable by many. However, we always wish to dress up in beautiful and new attires. What if you can satisfy this never-ending wish to revive your closet, without spending anything?Well, clothes swapping can be the ideal solution for you.The idea here is to exchange fashion accessories and clothing that you have never worn or you no longer wear, for someone else’s items. This way, you can refresh your wardrobe, as frequently as you want, and that too without opening your wallet.

Reasons for indulging in clothing swap

Budget Friendly – Most of us understand that it is not sensible to stock up expensive outfits, which you might only wear a few times throughout the year. Besides occupying space, it also costs you a lot of money. However, by swapping your attires, you are not only being efficient and smart, but being budget friendly as well.

New clothes – Everybody notices the dresses one wears, but the focus is on the range of different fashion trends you follow. Each occupation or place defines a particular fashion. If you are a working professional or a student, you will be socially active. It is impossible to buy expensive brands, when you have a shoestring budget.

Variety of choice – It is not necessary to have several styles of clothing in your wardrobe. In case of an upcoming event, where you have to wear a particular style of clothing, and if you don’t have one, then you can go for the swap.

Ride the Wave – Jaw dropping deals are available online, and they have considerably changed the trends of shopping. Products, which were off-limits in the past, are also easily accessible today with the online shopping. So, just ride this wave.

Be a trendsetter – Get noticed, when you are in a crowd with your new collection of gorgeous designer outfits. Stand out with your style quotient.

According to a study, a lot of textiles and clothing are being thrown away every year in America. By recycling the second hand clothing, you will not only conserve the resources required to manufacture new ones, but also resist the unpleasant practice of fast changing fashion trends.The low-quality garments, which are too tattered, can be recycled online or at the local recycling facility. Companies who buy such garments usually recycle them into car seat stuffing, rags, and home insulation.

Streamline Your Charity Auction Planning With Teleconferences

Hectic schedules being what they are, it’s not uncommon for non-profit or school auction committees to meet via teleconference. Unfortunately, if your group is larger than three people, your phone’s conference call option might not be an option.Consider these tips for meeting via phone.First, use a free teleconference service. There are a number of free teleconference services available, so why not use them? When you sign up, you are assigned a single phone number and access code to distribute to call participants. Having the same number to dial into for each auction committee meeting adds professionalism and order to your planning. And as a seasoned volunteer coordinator, I know that volunteers are more likely to stay involved in your auction planning if you emit a sense of professionalism and order.Though most free conference calling services are long-distance numbers, it rarely stops people from participating because of the popularity of unlimited calling plans.

Second, send out a reminder. The day before your meeting (and maybe the morning of), send out a meeting reminder. Include the phone number and access code.Third, record the call. Most free teleconference services allow you to record the call for free. After each meeting, email your entire committee the link to the recording. Those who missed the call can get caught up to speed on their own time.Fourth, establish courtesy rules. Teleconferences are more convenient than in-person meetings, but trickier to run. To avoid problems, establish some rules and announce them at the beginning of each call.For example, participants might be at home washing dishes, stuck in traffic, or attending a child’s soccer game while dialing into the call. Background noise can become an issue, so as the meeting begins, you might remind everyone to mute themselves, unless they have a question (consult the teleconference service website for instructions on how to mute the call).Additionally, social norms about politeness are harder to sense on a teleconference. Imagine what would happen if three people in a call of two dozen participants started talking at once! It’s not easy for the organizer to “get louder” and take back control of the meeting. On a phone call, you don’t have visual cues to tell you to “be quiet.”If it seems workable, you might suggest that no one ask questions or make comments until a designated time. You might say, “During Julie’s committee report, please refrain from asking questions until she opens it up for discussion.”Another option is to “go around the room” to seek input. This is usually best for smaller committees. When Julie is finished with her report, she might say, “Okay. That’s it. Any input/questions from you Ann? No? Okay. Becky, any input/questions from you? Nope? Okay. What about you, Helen? Any input/questions from you?” It’s tedious, but it gives everyone a chance to weigh in.

Fifth, stick to the agenda. Whether you meet in person or on the phone, use an agenda. Make notations about how much time each committee chair or each subject will be given for discussion… and stick to it. If you have to cut someone off, you can easily blame it on the schedule. “In the interest of time,” you could say, “Could you meet with Deb and confirm the check-out process offline of this call?” Remember, volunteers are much more likely to participate if they know you are valuing their time.With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to streamline the planning of your charity auction.

Make Money Tearing Up Old Books and Magazines and Selling Their Pages on eBay

It’s almost five years now since I began tearing up old books and magazines and selling their separate pages on eBay – and making very good profits! In fact those separate pages can fetch much higher prices than I might make selling the complete book on eBay, for reasons I’ll tell you about now.The main reason is that many buyers exist, on eBay and elsewhere, for pictures or articles, maps or drawings, how-to guides and advertisements, and so many other products from vintage books and magazines. Some items are for research purposes, some just to read, others are for decorative purposes which framed or unframed look far nicer than any modern day poster or print.We’re talking very early publications here, not recent ones, most profitable of all being heavily illustrated books and magazines from Victorian times which can be quite rare today and their contents worth a premium over those from modern day publications.

Advertisements, for example, were often created by highly collectible artists and printed on thick paper, unlike their modern day photographic counterparts on thinner paper and available in their hundreds or thousands. Because magazines in particular were, still are, created to be read and usually thrown away soon afterwards it’s unlikely many from Victorian times remain in good condition today. Pages from publications that have survived the years unscathed can fetch high prices on eBay, sometimes much more than the book from which they came, mainly because few end users know how or where to find those original publications containing their particular favourite pages. So they will pay hefty prices to purchase loose pages in preference to spending hour or days, weeks or even years locating their original publications.That makes this idea one of the very best and most profitable arbitrage opportunities available today, especially for buyers at book auctions and boot sales, also on eBay, who hunt out books containing highly collectible pages to remove and resell on eBay.A major benefit of this business is that most popular items from old books and magazines can attract double or higher bidder numbers and culminate in plentiful Second Chance Offers for every eBay listing. So, once you know what titles to look for, namely those fetching the highest prices per page on eBay, all you do is search on and off the Internet and replenish your stock as often as possible.These tips will help you grow a stock of books and magazines to literally tear apart and sell their pages on eBay:* Look at other sellers’ high price listings for items extracted from early books and magazines and make a note of any titles mentioned by sellers which you then add to your ‘wanted’ lists with on and offline book sellers. It goes without saying you should not give product sources in your own listings for fear of passing your secrets and sharing your market with other sellers.

* If sellers give titles of prints or pages or even dates and artists’ names, but not actual publication titles, then try searching Google images for those pages. For a print by George Studdy, for example, creator of Bonzo Dog, and a print entitled ‘Ball Boy’, you might search Google images for ‘Studdy + Bonzo + Ball + Boy’ where you’ll almost certainly discover the print was published in several different publications which you can then search for via online auction databases or add to your ‘wanted’ lists with on and offline book sellers.That’s just two tips, but very important ones, and they’ll help you grow a stock of publications which you can buy for a few dollars apiece and break into ten, twenty, or many more pages all potentially worth at least as much as the book or magazine from which they came.

Online Shopping – What to Look For

Retailers want your business and are getting more and more competitive and there are several items to look for as a consumer. Make sure you are getting the most for your money by looking at the overall picture. With the prices of everything on the rise customers are already spending more cautiously. The holidays become a crazy time for many consumers and online shopping can provide some immediate relief, both with time and money! Following are different offers to look for while surfing online:* Free shipping for online shoppers, this is often a holiday promotion. If not free there are often flat rates or at least significantly reduced fees. Consider shipping and handling charges when you are looking for the best price on particular item.

* Free gift cards and wrapping, this is also a promotion that is often offered through the holiday season. That does not mean you should not look for it year round! When a gift purchased online gets to its destination 100% ready to go it is fabulous! It is nice to be able to avoid setting precious time aside for wrapping gifts.* Never forget the all encompassing gift card. Generally, this is not a very personal way to go. However, a gift card from a specific site shows some forethought and consideration! For example, not everyone would appreciate a gift card to a golf retailer.* Pre-made gift baskets are offered by many sites and can be a nice option for a couple reasons. One, if you are not sure exactly what a person likes, and two, if you find a basket full of items you know someone will enjoy!!* Many retailers offer special discounts for people who get their gifts early, usually not too long after Thanksgiving. Don’t believe that everything holiday oriented gets cheaper the longer you wait!* If you are a last minute shopper look for a site that has guaranteed last minute delivery. Do remember that there is only so much you can reasonably expect from any retailer. If you wait until Christmas Eve you should not expect Santa to have it in your living room Christmas day.* Many sites will allow you to sort items in a variety of ways. You can sort by price, category, and popularity. This makes shopping easier if you have a specific amount allocated for gifts or if you are looking for a particular item.

* A little something extra is always appreciated. Many stores will throw in an extra gift. This may not be anything grand, but let’s face it, everything helps when it comes to getting through the holidays.It is often helpful to plan ahead. If you have an idea of the types of gifts you are looking for you can begin watching for good deals on them. Personalized gifts really have an extra something about them that people appreciate. Whether you are looking for something unique or the “it” toy of the year, you can usually find a good deal online. Keep these tips in mind to stretch your dollar as far as possible.

Optimize the Opportunities With Search Engine Optimization

You perhaps spend a lot of time and effort on your online presence but if it is not able to reach out to productive visitors it can never give prolific results. Are you looking for some solution to create more sales by getting noticed by more people? Search engine optimization is the only solution that makes your online presence not only noticeable but also effective. Having top search engine listings is important for any company. A good search engine optimization results in many visitors and sales! Getting a rank in top 20 means more business more clients and more profit.Search engines are one of the primary ways that Internet users use to find Web sites and search engine optimization is the way that businesses use to reach out users. That’s way a Web site with good search engine listings may see a dramatic increase in traffic. Everyone wants those good listings. Unfortunately, many Web sites appear poorly in search engine rankings or may not be listed at all because they fail to consider how search engines work.

Search engine optimization creates more sales for your business by getting you more visitors through better and higher search engine rankings. There are many online solution providers that offer search engine optimization services and search engine submission services right for every budget. Are you currently paying for search engine rankings and not getting the desired results? If yes then consider such online solution providers who offer wise and effective search engine optimization at comfortable budget. This wise selection will definitely increase traffic and cut down on your website promotion cost at the same time!Search engine optimization has become a key task for business that has stepped in the online world. Those who are engaged in website marketing are also getting great benefits for search engine optimization because good positioning in search engines/directories dramatically increases visitor traffic. Optimizing search engine ranking is the most important and cost effective way of marketing a website and customers use search engines more than any other method to locate websites that is why search engine optimization has become essential for business. Online business or selling online has become so common across the world that irrespective of nature or value of the product, people close deal through website. You can do business with customers from any part of the world and their payment made directly into your bank account here you are sure about your payment as you will not dispatch the product without realization of money while there are instances in the local market that you have to send product first and then you get the payment.

Now the question rises what should be your precautions before paying for search engine optimization? The first thing one should remember before making a decision for search engine optimization is that to avoid paying unnecessary search engine optimization. Everyone guarantees that your site will get the number one results but always be careful before choosing your search engine publicity partner.So what re you waiting for? Make your online presence effective and optimize the opportunities.

Travertine Tiles For Home And Garden Decor

Travertine is one of the most famous stone products for use both in the home and in the garden or yard. This classic Roman stone has been utilized for construction and tiling for thousands of years. Indeed, the Coliseum in Rome is in fact composed almost entirely of travertine not marble as many people think. Travertine is a sedimentary rock that was formed by the evaporation of water in pools of hot springs. When the water evaporated it left behind layers of minerals and these minerals are what give the stone its beautiful shades. The main hues of travertine tiles range from soft browns to dark mahogany and fiery red. Many accenting colors can be found in each tile depending on the addition of different minerals during the formation process.

Travertine tiles are used for many purposes in the home. The stone makes a very wonderful flooring and is quite common in foyers. When used on the floor the tiles require a seal coat so as to shield against staining. As the rock is sedimentary it generally has small pores and air pockets which permit the staining material into the structure if the surface is not closed. These stains are almost impossible to remove to keeping up on the sealer every few years is very important. The surface on these floor tiles will wear well as these are rather hard and tough. Other common uses in the house include as countertops or worktops and back splashes as well as trim and accent pieces. If the tiles are applied to the wall, which works well because they are so much lighter than marble, then they are not required to be sealed. But you definitely will want to use filled tiles on the counter or work top. A filled tile, like its name suggests, has all the holes and voids filled with a material that matches the color of the tile. This stops bits of food from being trapped in the face and causing a health problem. Another quite nice use is to tile throughout the bathroom.

A travertine tile shower gives you the very stylish look of an old world Roman bath. Again a sealer will be required if the cut tiles are placed on the floor or shower walls. In the garden, Travertine paving stones are quite famous as backyard floors as well as pavers throughout the garden to maintain ones feet dry. Being made of stone the pavers will be fine, but they do require to be covered from moisture in areas with cold weather because if the water filters in and then freezes, it can break the tiles. If you are planning a renovating or remodeling project Travertine tiles are worth your attention.